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Mindful Mondays


4:20 PM (CST)

Looking for exercises that are enjoyable after consuming cannabis?


Enhance your toking lifestyle with a body/mind sesh on Zoom. Connect with other cannabis-friendly folks for a good time and some mindful movement. BYOB. Smoking is optional.


Mindfulness is what you have when you are present and aware of your moment to moment experiences. For 15 minutes every Monday, we will discover the power of breathwork, affirmation, meditation, and movement to help rebalance our nervous system and bring us back to the present moment.  This class is slow flow, and a new skill will be explored each week.

Twisted Tuesdays


4:20 PM 

Want to become more flexible? Who doesn't?  Ever said "I’ll never be able to do the splits?" This class is for you!


Twisted Tuesdays is 1 hour of flexibility yoga to reduce inflammation and improve flexibility. This is a focused Yoga practice, Yin style.


We will focus on deep stretches holding for extended periods of time so our bodies can relax and absorb the full benefits of each posture. We will work on opening our hamstrings to work on our splits over time, hips to help detox and release emotions (emotions are often stored in our hips) and other areas that hold deep tension. 

Warrior Wednesdays


4:20 PM

Yoga isn't all about flexibility. Welcome to our strength class.


Up to 5 lb weights optional but not required. We will do Sun Salutations, Warrior sequences, and a cool down so your body will feel strong and relaxed. Class will include 50 minute practice, 5 minute meditation and 5 minutes of breathwork.

FYI: Private 1:1 classes are only $10 a class for Our Lady Mary Jane members.


Thirsty Thursdays


4:20 PM

It’s tea time! We will casually sip tea while learning and discussing various topics of interest. We will gather ideas so feel free to share anything you are seeking to learn, read, or talk about. 


Samples topics: music, movies, books, nonviolent communication,  Chakra systems, Yoga 8 Limbed Path (Principles behind the Yogic teachings), book clubs,  reparenting our inner child, shadow work, etc. This class will be led by a teacher for the first 15 minutes.

Flying Fridays


4:20 PM

Arm Balance Workshops. We will start with crow pose, then expand into headstands, and then the ever-expanding assortment of arm balances. Beginners welcomed. Key is getting over our fear of flight with crow and understanding the mechanics required for arm balances so the other poses will be an easier transition. Workshop is 15 minutes in length.


FYI We also offer private practice for Aerial yoga, Hoop Dance, and various Yoga styles. Private classes are $10 a class for Our Lady Mary Jane members. 

Self-Study Saturdays


4:20 PM

Slow Flow class to allow space for internal thoughts and feelings to come out as we reflect on our week. We will learn to view ourselves in a positive light accepting where we are in each new day and also challenge ourselves to grow. 


Journal exercises will be provided at the end of each class and we will allow a few minutes at the end of class to share our successes. Classes are 15 minutes in length.

Shine On Sundays


4:20 PM

Shine on Sundays is a 30 minute meeting to relax and plan for the week using an optional 90 day planner (provided as PDF to print).


We will go through the sun salutations allowing us to learn a consistent flow. This sequence will be the same each week until eventually it is known enough to expand. Great way for beginners to learn the primary poses in Yoga.


At the end we will take a few moments to write out our goals for the week and practice gratitude for any beautiful moment from last week.

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