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Thur. June 2, 2022 9pm CST

Empathy Circle Training

Learn the art and skill of reflective listening and the format of the transformational process known as the Empathy Circle. We will meet in a small groups to sharpen our listening skills and be fully heard by fellow listeners.

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Fri. June 24, 2022 7pm CST

Yoga w/JCole on Zoom

Slow flow yoga class with breathing exercises, empathy practice, and an optional gratitude toke on Zoom!  No cost to start. Become a member to support the cause and reserve access to all classes and events.




Every Monday morning 10am CT


Cardio-dance fitness class based on pop, rock and hip-hop music. Starts with a warmup to preview some of the steps you will see in the class. Ends with a yoga-inspired static stretching for balance.

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Paper Heart

Sunday! TBA 2022

Church service

Get your prayer on! Open your heart & practice empathy and gratitude with us on Zoom. All people welcome. BYOB. Transdenominational.

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Indoor Plants

Sun. June 12, 2022  3pm CT

Homegrowing 101 

Join us as we learn how to grow like the pros at Mount Zion Seeds Cooperative! If you have a medicinal card and want to save money and grow for personal consumption, this class is for you. 





Fri. Aug 5, 2022 8pm CST

Bud & Book Club

Let's  talk about nature and the Midwest  after reading  Nick Offerman's  fun book Where the Dear and the Antelope Play. Nick Offerman is an Illinoian, writer, actor on Parks and Recreation, and much more. Get your book and let us know you'll be joining!

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