420 Yoga Sesh

On Zoom

Tuesday April 20th 2021

4:20 CST


Join us for a guided yoga and sound bowl meditation.

Afterwards, we will discuss the history of cannabis both in regards to its use as a medicine and the illegalization in the past. A sacred plant amongst many cultures, cannabis has many known benefits. Let's share our love!


We will talk about how to create edibles, tips on growing plants at home, the benefits of mindfulness and yoga combined with cannabis, and branch off into any other topics of interest. We will have the option to play a virtual smoking game altogether at the end to help us connect and celebrate!


Hope you will join us! Happy 420!




Our Faith

Mary Jane, like Mother Nature, is a metaphor for the Universe, Spirit, or Energy. We value and practice self-care, mindfulness, inner peace, gratitude & balance with nature. We are lifelong learners. We believe in nonviolence, inclusivity, asking for help and reversing the stigma surrounding cannabis and those who use it. All faiths welcome, including atheists and agnostics. 


Tel 773-401-3066

1234 S. TBD Ave. Chicagoland, IL 60600

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